ARTIFICE the film

A Delirium Productions Film

Our Musical Partners: Archaic Cannon Records

One of the problems facing independent film makers is music rights. Thankfully, we have been blessed to be aligned with some amazing music partners to enhance our film (and hopefully future projects as well!). Check out Archaic Cannon Records and their stable of artists. They are a unique record label/artist community/music blog who hold to a high degree of both musical standards and business integrity… a rarity in any economic setting.

Music ranging from folk to garage rock to synth-pop, Archaic Cannon are assembling artists who have the tremendous gifts of storytelling and musical inventiveness. Although they are a relatively new label, they have already amassed a fair amount of success, with large tours and new album releases set to propel them through this year. There are big things on the horizon for them and all their artists. We wish them the best and are extremely excited to be involved with them for this project!

While all their artists are worth a shout, ARTIFICE will be using select songs from folk group Before the Brave. Their fusion of honesty, self-reflection, spiritual longing, and simple, rugged musicality enhance the aesthetic vibe of this film project in ways that I never would have imagined prior to being introduced to them. Here is a youtube link for the song ‘Hand Holding is Encouraged’ that will feature heavily in the film:



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