ARTIFICE the film

A Delirium Productions Film


ARTIFICE is a story about the power of the imagination.

Man and Woman live in the aftermath of the same transformative event. Their paths however differ drastically, as the images they create draw them to separate spheres of life. The purity of nature and the complexity of society each present themselves as ways of solace, only to reveal that an attempted escape into one is a necessary contamination of the other.

A realist narrative, ARTIFICE does not seek fancy in order to reveal how central imagination is at the bedrock of human relations. For it is in the artificiality of life itself that ‘the Real’ emerges.


2 comments on “Synopsis

  1. James Bell
    April 7, 2013

    Total guff and full of shit,listen yo yourself!!

    • deliriumproductions
      April 7, 2013

      Thumbs up for being a troll, bro!!! I love when dudes are tough over the internet.

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